Thanks for stopping by Kayla Bailey's Official Website! Drop Kayla a line and say "hello," or inquire about booking for concerts, weekend worship events at your church, or women's and youth events. Kayla loves speaking and ministering just as much as she loves performing, and would love to schedule a visit to your area! Below, you can find all the information you'll need about booking for concerts, worship, or speaking events. 


Open mic nights at small town street fairs, honkytonks on Demonbreun in Nashville, R&B joints off Chicago’s Randolph Street, and group parties at local restaurants & coffee shops -- anywhere and anytime are the only rules.

From nine services in front of twenty thousand to a handful gathered at a Home Show, the best concerts are the ones where Church breaks out! With four albums of varying genres in her repertoire, Kayla’s passion for reaching out in song translates at any venue. 



Every one of Kayla’s refrains finds its origin in a journey of faith. The back-story underneath each song is as powerful as Kayla’s presentation of her music. Since her testimony is built upon both the valleys and the mountains God has lead her through, sharing the failures with the victories will bless women as they walk their own road of belief.

Kayla has also seen the power of the praying woman at work in her own life through the godly women that have mentored her over the years and continue to. She is learning what “mountain-moving faith” looks like and how to pray expectantly from her own life and the lives of her mentors.

Imparting where God has lead, is leading, and may lead in the future will challenge the women of your church to live out their faith boldly, even amidst the sometimes overwhelming odds they face.


As someone who has grown up leading worship in the church, Kayla understands that church music is so much more than leading a congregation in song, but rather helping the assembled move from their cares to His Lordship.

The opportunity to be a member, soloist and leader of worship teams for up to five services each weekend and up to nine for key weekends has taught Kayla the importance of being Spirit-led, whether leading thousands at Parkview Christian Church, just a handful in a living room, conferences, or small assemblies in open air shelters on foreign fields.  Perhaps your leaders need a well-deserved break or just a breath of fresh air for your group, whatever the need, Kayla would love to join with you in worship



One need only listen to a few of Kayla’s songs to know how real and transparent her songwriting is, and she approaches her relationships with the young adults she mentors in the same way. Always avoiding the cliché’s, Kayla’s experience in serving in youth ministry and teaching has given her a platform to challenge the younger generation to have mountain-moving faith and to lead a missional lifestyle right in their own communities and schools. Whether you are inviting Kayla to lead worship for a youth event, share her testimony or speak on how to live a counter-cultural life for Christ, Kayla’s heart and passion will both inspire and encourage the youth in your community and church.

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